Opening House Esther

13. June 2022

Opening of Esther House

13. June 2022

New ways in the care of older people​

Older people should be able to live independently for as long as possible. In the "Haus Esther" in Graz, several care and assistance services of the City of Graz and partner:innengesellschaften are offered under one roof.

House Esther combines the services of the Geriatric Health Centres (GGZ), the Social Welfare Office, the Care Hub and other institutions. The aim is to do everything possible to enable people to live healthily at home for longer in old age. Haus Esther creates optimal conditions for this. The municipal care and assistance services for older people from various departments are bundled under one roof and optimally adapted to people's needs.

Our CPO, Manuel Salzmann was on site to get a picture, have great conversations and make new contacts.

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ilvi on delegation trip
Oslo, Norwegen.