Symposium on nursing teaching and securing the future

Symposium on nursing teaching and securing the future


On 15 November 2023, we, ilvi GmbH, and our partner Ekromed, participated in the "Nursing teaching and ways to secure skilled workers" symposium. The event, which took place at Hollu Systemhygiene GmbH in Graz, was a great opportunity to look at the future of nursing training and care.

As a new training programme, the nursing apprenticeship brings challenges. But instead of just seeing the difficulties, we took the opportunity to recognise and seize the opportunities. Nursing apprenticeships, international staff, shortened training programmes, and measures to relieve the burden on the workforce - mosaic stones for the future of healthcare.

In addition to the legal framework and current findings, a particular focus was placed on leadership. Discussions centred on what young people starting in nursing training expect from their employers and trainers, what needs they bring with them and how they can enrich the teams in the facilities.

Another important aspect was the acquisition and integration of carers from third countries. Experiences were exchanged, and different perspectives were considered.

As part of the event, we also had the opportunity to present our innovative EkroCare software solution with our partner Ekromed. EkroCare addresses the challenge of keeping carers in their profession by relieving mobile carers of the burden of creating prescription notes - simply and digitally.

The symposium provided a rich platform for exchanging ideas, experiences and perspectives. We want to thank the organisers for the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the future of care. We look forward to events focusing on innovative solutions in the healthcare sector. 🌍✨

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